About Me

Kristín Sigurðardóttir a graduate with a Master's Degree in Photography from Parsons The New Shcool Of Design. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the Icelandic Art Academy.  

Artist Statement

“A drowsy urban sound blends in smoothly as the track changes on my iPod and I turn to the next corner. It’s then that I realize that I can’t stop walking there is no left or right anymore, no sideways, signs or paths. Only dull thoughts and rattling metal sound as cars go by. I’m caught between being awake and not sleeping at all, having constant day terrors about saving the world from the monster living inside my head. I stop and a teenage boy passes me by with the same fear in his eyes. I dare not interrupt him on his drifting. So I snap a picture, only not of the boy but the trash next to the sidewalk.”

It has been a long-term fascination of mine to observe and investigate acts of our daily lives. Archiving, writing and photographing the apprehension of time spending reinforces my understanding of the world, defines the truth and the real. Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, no illusions, no mystifying or imaginary attachments can be associated with it. As a person coming from Iceland where there is a rich cultural heritage in believing in fairies and hidden people that live in stones, my instinct tells me that what ever I’ve been told about reality can be challenged. It’s within that challenge my work is sprung from. 


Kristín Sig