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In my video performance -1,0,1 I move through the screen holding a chalk drawing continues lines on the rocks around me. The scenery is a location in Iceland that for many years has been my secret place, a hide out from the world. There I sit for hours and meditated. The geometrical forms that appear are determent on the position of my body and are entirely fabricated.


For the past two years I’ve observing "the everyday life" and my perception of it. I collect banal and mundane images, scenes we pass by in our everyday life such as streets, trash and window displays. The human figure is intentionally omitted from these images. Images may first appear as mere sceneries of dull moments. I examine the images repeatedly over time, they begin transform revealing them selves as parts of a larger whole that I can interpret and re imagine. My working method also involves taking long meditative walks around my current environment. In the hope of experiencing something new everyday, I invented a game that consists of fabricated rule sets established from my observation of my banal routine of everyday life; i.e. ´follow a man in blue shoes ‘or wake up and think about a pineapple´.

This game allows me to aimlessly walk around the city and imagine street signs as tour guides or think of fruits and then immediately pair it up with a favorite movie just to distract myself into the next corner.